Google Keyword Planner Updates – What Are They & How To Use Them

Discover the benefits of the new google keyword planner updates.

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new ppc keyword planner

Google AdWords is now just ‘Google Ads’. The ‘Google Ads’ account layout has changed. And now our old, familiar Google Keyword Planner has also had a new makeover. It can be hard to keep up with this flurry of updates! But never fear, our PPC management specialists are here to explain the google keyword planner updates and how you can get the most out of them.

PPC Keyword planner search volume

Search Volume Visualisation

The new search volume visualisation is a clear way to see keyword search volume trends, month by month. This is especially useful for keywords affected by seasonality, and provides a basis for analysis when your clients experience a hike or drop. It even gives you a comparison between total and mobile search volume. If you want advice on creating a Google Ads campaign, contact a professional PPC agency.

PPC keyword planner filter

Easy filters

Gathering mass keyword data is now much easier! Not only can you opt to exclude adult content, but you can exclude your current live keywords to stop any duplicate data.

Bulk keyword searches

Rather annoyingly, you can only enter 3 keywords to search at the one time in the keywords ideas section:

PPC keyword planner keywords

If you want to search for keywords in bulk, click on the Keywords tab on the side panel:

PPC new keyword planner


From here, you can gather keywords data en masse, including broad, phrase and exact match search volumes.

Breakdowns by Location & Device

Once you have selected your keywords and devised a plan, click the Plan overview tab. Here you can see a simple dashboard with some juicy information:

PPC keyword planner devices
The device breakdown can show you an estimation of costs, clicks and impressions across mobile phones, tablets and desktops. The Locations breakdown provides an estimate of results by provinces, cities, counties and more.

PP keyword planner location

Overall our SEO and PPC strategists are approaching the Google Keyword Planner update with caution. We’re frustrated that we can only research 3 keywords at a time and find the month by month search volume may be information overload. However, we’re sure it will take time to get used to and we’ll grow to love it.
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