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Strategic Amazon Advertising

With nearly 200 million monthly worldwide visitors, Upperdog can place your products in front of customers directly at the buying stage. Have an innovative product or killer alternative to a brand leader that people don’t know about yet? No problem. We already know where that ACOS sweet spot is and have Amazon Advertising certified specialists to help you achieve Amazon domination at scale.

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Boost your Amazon performance

We already know your objective: sales. Let us hit your ambitious sales targets and achieve maximum ROI. From strategic hand-picked keyword research to crafting an informative, sales focused product listing. Stop waiting for consumers to discover you. Make them.

Define objectives

We kickstart your Amazon advertising strategy by defining the objectives. Do you want to hit a target CPA, ACOS or ROI percentage figure? We'll produce a strategy tailored to this reviewing whether to run sponsored products, brands or display ads.

Inventory review

Whether you need support building your inventory from scratch, or an audit on current listings, we will get products in the buy box to pinpoint campaign opportunities.

Targeting options

We'll explore targeting options; from bidding on keywords to showing ads next to competitor products. This is tested with a mixture of manual and automated bidding to find the perfect combination and hit sales targets.

Our Amazon expertise

We can strategise, implement and manage:

Amazon inventory optimisation

Improve and maintain product listing visibility on Amazon

Amazon Sponsored Brand campaigns

Drive discovery of your brand in relevant shopping results

Amazon Sponsored Product campaigns

Direct relevant customers to your product page

Amazon Display & DSP campaigns

Just like Google Display, but on Amazon

Amazon store pages

Promote products with a multi-page store, for free!

Amazon Advertising audit

Get the full picture of your Amazon account to identify strategy gaps

Scrutinize statistics

We don’t make campaigns live and walk away. Your dedicated Account Manager will provide tailored reports and evaluate campaigns against KPIs. Low ACOS is the goal, but every campaign can have a different purpose. Want a thousand impressions for one keyword, but sales only for another? We’ll report back and suggest changes, leaving you to deal with the influx in orders and trust us to get the results you want.

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