Why HTML5 Ads? The Upperdog Guide

Why you need HTML5 ads as part of your pay-per-click advertising

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Animated banner ads via Google Ads have been online for some time now. The old JPEGs and animated GIFS are now fading away, but speak to any digital agency and they will explain how display ads have notoriously low click through rates, despite receiving lots of impressions. HTML5 ads are the latest improvement to Google display advertising, and the recommended choice for high quality, responsive ads. We explain why HTML5 ads can benefit your whole PPC management strategy.

How are HTML5 ads different?

HTML5 is the latest version of a browser mark up language called HTML. Developers can use HTML5 to code video, audio and animations directly to a page. Unlike clunky Flash plug-ins, HTML5 is simple and elegant. It can even support 3D and interactive designs. This example for Nissan Juke lets you change the colour of the car, directly on the banner advert.

Nissan PPC HTML5 Ad

How to create HTML5 ads

Because Flash was awkward, Google announced that all display ads should be in a HTML5 format from 2016. There are lots of online tools to help you create HTML5 ads, including Google Web Designer. If you would like your adverts designed professionally, call Upperdog to learn more about our design services.

Before you upload your HTML5 ads to Google Ads, you may need to apply for HTML5 access. This allows Google to review your account and ensure its has a good history of compliance and payments. Your account must have spent over $1000 to qualify for HTML5 ads.

How to use HTML5 ads effectively

Your HTML5 ads should get attention but be careful not to make them too intrusive. HTML5 gives you the ability to create stunning ads but anything too fast or annoying will be a turn off for users. You also risk Google disapproving the ads. If you are unsure, you can check your ads before uploading them with the Google HTML5 Validator.

Interested in learning more about using HTML5 ads for your display campaign or our PPC services? As a local digital agency in Bournemouth, Upperdog can help. Call our team on 01202 798 820 or email us at hello@upperdog.co.uk