Google Is Expanding PPC Ads Again!

ppc services expanded text ads Remember in the old days of Google AdWords management? We only had 25 characters in our single headline to shout our offer to the world. How we celebrated when Google announced in 2016 they were expanding their text ads to two whole headlines, plus an 80 character description. Well, get out your party poppers because Google have announced that they’re increasing the ad copy length, yet again!


Our PPC service experts answer your top questions:

How much are Google ads expanding?

Advertisers now have 93% more character space for their ad copy. Here’s how it breaks down: Old expanded ads: • 2 x 30 character headlines • 1x 80 character description New expanded ads: • 3 x 30 character headlines • 2 x 90 character descriptions Ads now have the potential to look something like this…

expanded google pay per click advertising

What does this mean for PPC agencies?

Although some agencies have already seen an improved CTR, it’s still a little early to know how this will affect campaigns in general. However, it is important that you start testing ads with more copy to get the early competitive advantage. Our Google Ads management specialists advise testing the new expanded ad copy, but don’t pause your old ads just yet. The new expanded ads will only show the first and second headlines and first description on smaller screens. With that in mind, ensure your best copy is still showing in the first two headlines and description. The third headline and second description can include any additional information but nothing essential.

I don’t like change. Why is this happening?

Technology has already changed so much over the past couple of years. Both tablets and smart phones have increased in size, so more ad copy can be seen clearly. Plus, Google has noticed that with the increase of voice search, users are searching with long-tail keywords. Google ad copy must be longer to accommodate this and provide more information.

What does this mean for my current Google ads?

Don’t panic, your current ads aren’t going anywhere. They will still show and serve as normal.   Want to know more about pay-per-click advertising or our SEO services? Give our friendly team a call today on 01202 798 820 or email us at to chat about how we can help your company.