We’re Now A Google Premier Partner Agency!

What can we say? Another trophy to put on the shelf.

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Google Premier Partner logo on a white background with a grey box beneath reading ‘Premier 2023’.

It’s an exciting time here at Upperdog thanks to our new status as a Google Premier Partner agency. As far as achievements go, this is one we’re particularly proud of. Google only awards this status to the top-performing 3% of participating companies, providing us with some very welcome recognition for the campaign success we offer our clients.

You can find our official listing on the Partners Directory here.

So, how did our friendly PPC agency in Bournemouth achieve this? Here’s a few of the factors Google looks at when determining who fits into that prestigious top 3% of Google Ads agencies.

Existing Client Growth

Our expertise with Google Ads management services has meant we’ve been able to grow our existing clients, as measured by year-on-year Google Ads spend growth and ads spend. As a PPC agency, it’s vital we deliver successful PPC ads campaigns to each of our clients.

New Client Growth

We’ve also been able to grow the accounts of our first-time Google Ads clients, reflecting our shared prioritisation of clients both new and old.

Client Retention

Once you’re with us, we hope you won’t want to leave. At our PPC agency in Bournemouth, we love to form solid relationships with our clients based on foundations of trust and effective delivery of Google ads campaigns, bringing success to their businesses. Google measures this via our Google Ads clients who remain with us year-on-year.

Product Diversification

The PPC landscape is changing all the time, but we like to stay one step ahead. As well as Search, we invest in a mix of products to ensure our clients’ campaigns are gaining the maximum possible reach.

What Does Being A Google Premier Partner Agency Mean For Upperdog?

As if an exclusive Google Partner badge wasn’t enough, becoming a Google Premier Partner agency gives Upperdog access to a number of new features with which we can trial for our clients. This includes further insights into Google Ads and beta releases allowing us to stay on top of industry trends, as well as enhanced technical support for our clients’ accounts.

In turn, this gives us an edge over other agencies and ensures we can deliver the optimum performance for our clients’ needs.

Is There Anything Upperdog Can’t Do?

Pleased as we are of our new status as a Google Ads Premier Partner, we don’t want to be known only for our successes with Google Ads management services. On top of our PPC portfolio, we’re also an SEO agency. This means we can ensure that every one of our clients’ needs are covered, whether they’re interested in SEO, PPC, or another form of digital marketing altogether.

If you’re interested in what our Google Ads Premier Partner agency can offer your business, why not get in touch? You can email our friendly team at hello@upperdog.co.uk or give us a call on 01202 798820.