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Introducing a new member to the pack

Jess Allen
Jess Allen Senior Account Executive
2 mins

Hello, I’m Marius! I joined the Upperdog team in the summer of 2022 as a PPC specialist.

About me

With a passion for eCommerce for more than 15 years, I developed skills in PPC, SEO and web design. Working with numerous agencies and in-house, I gathered good technical knowledge and analytical skills acquired by working on full-lifecycle projects. I am passionate about making a difference through project work, and I believe in the importance of delivering value to the business community.

Joining the Upperdog team

After working as a freelancer for more than a year, I wanted to be part of a bigger team, so we can achieve better results together. I chose an agency where I can use and develop my PPC & eCommerce skills, and I wasn`t disappointed. The team is friendly, very passionate about digital marketing, hard-working and truly dedicated.

Behind the scenes

When I am not hiding behind my laptop working on different projects, I spend my free time going to the gym or enjoying long walks. I’m also very passionate about technology, including eCommerce, EV, AI/ML, IoT, VR/AR, Blockchain, etc.

Want to find out more about the pack?

You can find us on LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook to see what’s happening at Upperdog! Or if you’re interested in our SEO & PPC services, then get in touch at hello@upperdog.co.uk or call us on 01202 798 820.

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