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How voice search will change online shopping

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Do you do your weekly shop with Alexa? Or how about stocking up on essentials with Google Home? More and more people are using voice search to conveniently shop online. But how does this affect the way we buy online?

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Why users will favour voice search

It’s obvious why users would prefer to audibly ask a question than to type it into a search engine. Smart speakers will only give you one straight answer, not a long list. You can search whilst driving. But most importantly, its quicker and easier.


The difference between a voice and text search

So, what are consumers asking for? Consumers are using longer sentences when using voice search vs a traditionally typed text search. Some are using multiple sentences, rather than a few short words due to the conversational nature. Location-based searches such as ‘restaurants near me’ are very popular.


What consumers will buy online changes

It is common to search online for high-involvement purchases, such as a new washing machine or car. Users may read reviews and compare retailers to make sure a high-risk purchase is a safe bet! But voice search allows consumers to easily buy every-day products, such as butter and toilet roll too.

As a result, FMCG manufacturers need to consider how their products are presented in online searches. To understand the differences between ranking in Google search results and voice search results you’ll need an SEO agency (like us!) who can provide SEO services.


Consumers will be less brand loyal

When trekking around the supermarket we usually stick to brands we are familiar with. But casually yelling ‘Alexa, add toilet roll to my shopping list’ takes an important element out of the buying process. Consumers may not specify a brand. The personal assistant may select a brand on offer or the best brand suited to the user, according to the data from other consumers with similar demographics.


Where consumers buy from will evolve

Where we buy food can be a personal choice. Some choose the nearest supermarket, some select their chosen store based on price, others by product quality. But personal assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa can compare the prices and offers from numerous supermarkets.

As more retailers offer home-delivery, the location of the store becomes less of an issue. Companies with an online presence must do their research to understand how Amazon and Google favour their top listed products, to avoid being outranked by the competition.


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