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Gary the Goat - What a Goat!

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We all love the internet. Life would not be the same without it. And, some clever beings have created an entire life online to make a living by sharing their lives with the world. Clever, huh?

So as big YouTube fans we thought we’d share some of our favourite YouTubers and their channels. I mean, who doesn’t like spending hours looking at hilarious videos?


1.   Jenna Marbles

A veteran of the interwebs, Jenna Marbles is at the top of this list because a) she’s awesome and b) she owns some pretty awesome dogs. She says it like it is in the most hilarious way and for that we salute you, Jenna! New dog owner? Check out these wise words…

2.   Gary the Goat

Gary is the most famous goat in the world. He’s an Olympic sprinter who’s been to court and travelled around Australia for the last three years with his owner and best mate Jimbo Bazoobi. Here he is in training for the 1500m. You go, Gary!

3.   Jack and Dean

This cheeky duo has been making funny videos since 2008. From silent parties to late night phone calls, these short skits are guaranteed to make you giggle. Jack and Dean recently branched out into music videos that so who knows where they’re going next!

4.   The Vlogbrothers

John and Hank Green are real-life brothers who decided for one year they would only communicate to each other through the medium of the video. Seven years after Brotherhood 2.0 and now they’re a YouTube powerhouse known as The Vlogbrothers.

In 2010 they founded VidCon, the San Diego Comic Con of YouTube and started a multitude of educational channels: from Science and History, to Art and Life Advice. Outside our computer screens, Hank runs DFTBA records and records geeky music and John is a writer whose most recent novel ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ was adapted for films and made everyone who saw it cry like little babies.

5.   MyHarto

Hannah Hart a.k.a MyHarto has been entertaining us by trying recipes while being more than a bit happy (tipsy). Not to worry though she is always supervised and while her food is hit and miss, the pun never ends! Sorry.

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