5 Tips for Instagram Business Profiles

Rock the Insta game

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All aboard the social media train! Tickets are available from the strategy box office. We accept innovation and individuality as payment. Shall we begin?

Instagram is the latest in a line of channels that businesses are turning their eyes towards. You may be thinking how a photo-sharing stream could help your business and the answer is simple: get it right and you can build a community. There’s nothing better for a business than a fan.

Take Jimmy’s Iced Coffee for example. They’re hip, they’re cool and the head honcho has a magnificent beard. What really makes them stand out (apart from the beard) is their light-hearted approach to social and their interaction with fans. From anthropomorphic objects to spot the Snapback, Instagram can be the jewel in your social crown.

So, here’s our 5 tips to make your Instagram profile a social success:

       1.   Take good photos

This might seem pretty obvious, after all no-one likes an ugly photo. Before you post ask yourself, if you saw that on your feed would it interest you? If you’re hesitating then maybe it’s not the right image to be posting.

Taking multiple images will give you choice. Instagram has several filters to choose from alongside a host of editing options. If the original image is a bit bland then apply the Valencia filter, increase the saturation and apply a vignette. Voila!



       2.   Have a plan

At Upperdog HQ we love a good strategy. Strategies give you focus and a timetable to put things towards. Mascot Milo plans things all the time, like which bottle to get on Beer Fridays. Knowing what kind of content you’re going to post and when will make managing your Instagram profile much easier. 


       3.   Capture interested users

Users want to find information that is useful or entertaining to them, so can search by hashtags. If you want to increase your chances of being found hashtags are the way to go.

According to Buffer, the perfect number of hashtags per post is 11, but make sure they’re relevant! Using more hashtags in the caption increases your chance of gaining interaction such as likes and comments, but don’t go overboard. Still write a short caption so your content makes sense rather than a whole string of hashtags. #yougotthat?



       4.   Think of a campaign!

Campaigns are a great way to give your Instagram account a two-way boost; you’re different from everyone else and you have a prompt to fill your feed for a while. Forming part of an overall strategy a campaign allows you to show your creative side and most importantly post original content. You can join this campaign up with other social channels such as sharing your Instagram images on Facebook. Upperdog’s current campaign is #thekennelsatoz where we’re posting a different theme with every letter of the alphabet.


       5.   Be inspired

If you’re struggling with ideas for photos, take a look at other profiles. Really interested in cooking? What does your favourite chef post? Is it good/bad? Try out different ideas and see what works.



If you need a bit of help with social, our social media agency in Bournemouth are here to guide you through. Get in touch and see how we can help.