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The past couple of weeks have been extremely hectic for the whole Upperdog team and there’s lots of exciting news to report. Still being pretty young pups means there’s always a lot going on, so here’s a quick catch up of what you’ve missed.

We Moved Into The Kennels!

Upperdog HQ is now officially up and running and we’ve settled in nicely. Its been all paws on deck to get our new space looking homely so of course there have been the weekly trips to Ikea to stock up on filing cabinets, coat hangers and tiny pencils. We’re still in the process of adding those final finishing touches but don’t worry, we’ll be sure to post some photos up on Instagram when we’re finally done.

Our Website Went Live!

It’s been weeks in the making but the Upperdog website has finally gone live. The whole team had an input into the design and development of the site and we’re extremely proud of the finished product so be sure to go and have a look.

mobile_ipad upperdog-mockup copy


I’m Going To Be Famous! (Possibly)

I’m already the inspiration for the logo, the head of HR and undoubtedly the coolest dog in the pack, but I have now also been accepted onto the exclusive ‘Pack Love’ site. Pack Love is an invite-only group created as a space essentially just to celebrate us dogs! We thought it was about time the world knew about me (especially now I’m such an inspirational figurehead), so about a month ago we sent off a picture to the team at Pack Love. Unsurprisingly enough they just couldn’t resist and my profile is now complete; go and have a look for yourself, although beware, you will waste hours of your life looking through all the profile’s of my fellow members.

Milo Lodi Podi

Something About A Birthday…

Last but not least, as if we didn’t have enough to celebrate, it was Upperdog founder and top dog, Zhara’s birthday last week! She somehow managed to turn that one special day into a week of celebrations, culminating in a big party and a few sore heads the next day. Just in case we haven’t said it enough, happy birthday and remember, Zhara it’s not about how old you really are but about how old you feel…

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