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Welcome to “User Experience”

Getting users to your website is great, but you need to ensure that once they are there they find what they are looking for. Many businesses tend to focus so much on getting a website that they forget some of the most obvious elements.

Here are our tips to making your customer experience great:

Less clicks

Don’t you just hate websites that have hundreds of pages? Users don’t like having to click too many times. Let’s face it, they want information and they want it fast. Try and avoid having sub-pages within sub-pages and allow your user to find the information they want within three clicks. Have all your core pages within your main menu and only introduce sub-pages when necessary.

No fluff

Don’t pump your content out with endless waffle. Make your content easy to read; users reading content online tend to skim read compared to users reading content offline who spend more time reading whole sentences. Break up “walls of text” with short sentences, bullet points and headings.

Call to actions

Want your users to enquire? Show them how! Make your call to action (CTA) obvious and clear. Simple steps include adding a quick enquiry form on your landing pages, or colouring your “contact” button a different colour to the other menu tabs to make it stand out. Small changes like changing a colour or adding an arrow can make a big difference.


Ensure that when you’re inviting users to your site that you’re not misleading them. You wouldn’t advertise selling red shoes if the only shoes you sell are blue. Be honest about what the user can expect when they get to your site, and make sure they find the information they need quickly.

Be contactable

If you think potential customers may have lots of questions before purchasing or making an enquiry then try to be of assistance as early as possible. Displaying your contact number and email in the header or footer of your site is an easy way to do this. You can also consider things such as live chat or a FAQs page and direct users here to find answers to their questions.

So don’t forget, whilst having a shiny new website can be lots of fun you need to make sure it does its job. Your website is like the window to your business, so make it inviting and clear. Guide your users around your site so it’s easy for them to navigate and get in touch with you when they feel ready.

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