5 Tips For Supercharging Your Pinterest Ads

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5 Tips For Supercharging Your Pinterest Ads

Like any great paid social agency, we love Pinterest. Not only is it a great brand awareness tool but it also allows you to target users at every part of the sales funnel, so you can keep increasing those conversions. Pinterest is a creative platform, where you can use innovative imagery and video to really show off your brand. However, there is no point in having beautiful images if you don’t make the most of Pinterest’s ads manager. Here are our top 5 tips we’ve picked up as a Pinterest Ads agency:

1.      Maximise Your Targeting

Pinterest users have several ways that they search for inspiration, whether that is through a search or on their browse page. Each time you build a Pinterest Ads campaign you will be asked to pick your audience, with obvious options such as age, location and gender. To maximise your audience we recommend utilising interests and keyword targeting on your ads. By combining the two you can reach as many relevant people as possible. This is particularly good for your consideration (increase pin clicks) and brand awareness campaigns.

The keyword tool is really powerful on Pinterest, it will tell you how many people use the term and give you relevant suggestions. One of our Pinterest advertising tips is to use a minimum of 25 keywords per ad set but the more you use, the better!

Of course, you can also create Actalike audiences and remarketing segments to capture people who have already engaged but want to take that extra step to conversion. Just make sure you have the Pinterest tag installed on your site so you can build bespoke audiences. If you need some help with this, why not get in touch with us as a social advertising agency?

Pinterest is trend-led, people want to be inspired and your ads should reflect that. Thankfully, you can keep up to speed with their very helpful trends tool. All you have to do is search your core terms and it will tell you if your keyword is on the rise. You can also search around your terms and find out who to target based on related searches.

Trends aren’t just limited by platform, they also occur within your ad account. Take a look at the audience insights tools and find out what related topics your audience is interested in, it might be worth targeting those too!

Our favourite trends tool that Pinterest provides is Pinterest Predicts. This is where the platform groups together some of their biggest growing keywords and topics and shows you how to create pins to capture that audience. Whether your offer financial services or interior design, Pinterest has a trend for you!

3.      Refresh Your Creative

Like on many platforms, video is growing on Pinterest – but it doesn’t devalue the single image or carousel; they can be just as powerful! The important thing we have learnt as a Pinterest Ads agency is that keeping pins fresh is important. Although your old favourites will still perform, you can’t keep up with trends with old, off-brand imagery. We have recently been testing a fun way of manipulating carousel ads, which tests the tastes of your audience. These taste tuners put your middle card in front of the user, so they can swipe left or right on what they like the best. Ensure you use UTMs so you can track which card gets clicked on the most!

4.      Use The Whole Funnel

As we mentioned earlier, the Pinterest tag allows you to create remarketing audiences based on website activity, but don’t be limited by that! If you are an e-commerce business, you can use a product feed as an advertising tool. Not only will you have a beautiful organic shop (we can help with that too!) but you can also utilise catalogue ads. Once you have the feed, this is the easiest to implement Pinterest advertising tip. All you need to do is create some product groups and use them in ad sets. You don’t even have to build pins as the platform takes images from your website. Reminding users what they have viewed before is a powerful marketing tool, so why not make the most of it?

5.      Find A Pawsome Agency

Luckily, you don’t have to think about all of this. At Upperdog, we can supercharge your Pinterest strategy and make sure your ads are performing at their best. From trends analysis, to account strategy, we can do it all. We are not limited to Pinterest either, as a social media agency, we can also help you with advertising on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn.

Why not  get in touch with our friendly team at  hello@upperdog.co.uk or by calling us on  01202 798820.