Adverts now in Facebook Messenger

Reach customers in their Facebook inbox

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Facebook continue to prove they are a social media marketing force to be reckoned with! As Messenger now has 1.2 billion users per month, Facebook are giving advertisers the opportunity post adverts within the chat app.

The news about this next level of paid social advertising has evoked mixed reactions. Some users feel displaying more adverts across the social networking platforms feels invasive and annoying. However, users will be able to temporarily hide the ads they do not want to see.

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Where do the ads show?

Messenger adverts are only being shown in the home page of the app and will not appear in the middle of your conversations. A Messenger chat box will only open when the user clicks on the advert.

The Messenger ads have many of the same targeting options as standard Facebook pay per click advertising. For example, you can target your advert to customers who have visited your page but didn’t buy. You can then chat with them if they have any questions to encourage their purchase.

Alongside image and video adverts, you can have direct conversations with your customers through Sponsored Messages. Here you can send messages to customers who have messaged your business page previously. These messages do appear inside the user’s inbox.

Sponsored messages are a great way to re-engage with leads and keep communicating with them throughout the customer journey. You can even add links and images to your message. But be careful, with this option you can only Pay per Impression – whether the user opens the message or not!

How do I advertise in Facebook Messenger?

Deciding which of these two options is best will depend on your marketing objectives – do you want to drive users back to your website or talk to them directly and give them your best sales pitch? If you would like help with your social media marketing campaign, get in touch with a digital marketing agency. At Upperdog, we can help you decide which targeting options are best for you. We will guide you through the whole process, from setting it up to reporting on the results!

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