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Google announces new technology: the Google Lens app

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At the latest Google I/O developer conference in May several new technologies were announced. From putting Google connectivity into cars and Google Assistant coming to iPhone (goodbye Siri), many updates were mind bogglingly cool, but the Google Lens made our jaws drop!

What is Google Lens?

Google Lens is the ultimate knowledge app that can tell you the answer to any question you have, using visuals. During the demo, Google pointed a camera phone at an object and the app told you what the object was. For example, say you’ve spotted a dog whose breed you want to know, you can point the camera at it and it tells you ‘Jack Russell’.


Other ways Google Lens can share knowledge are with:

  • Data capture; use Google Lens to capture and automatically set up a Wi-Fi connection by identifying the network name and password with the camera
  • Building information; point Google Lens at a restaurant and it will show the name, opening hours, reviews, address and images.

Google Assistant integration

Google Assistant will feature a new button to launch Lens and insert a photo, so that it can read any information it contains. For example, point the Google Lens at an advertisement for a concert and it will show you the tour dates, at which point you can request to add to your calendar – genius!

Travelling abroad and not sure what that sign says? Use Google Lens! Ask it, ‘what does this say?’ and Google will translate the text for you. The potential of the Google Lens app is pretty big and we can’t wait to see what else it can do.

There has been no official statement made as to when Google Lens will be available or when Google Assistant will come to users in the UK – but we think it’s worth the wait.

What does everyone else think of Google Lens?

The consensus is that everyone is mostly excited:

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