5 Benefits Of PPC Advertising

As customers are spending more and more time online, many businesses are now turning to PPC advertising. PPC is a great way to attract valuable traffic to your site; read on to discover some of the biggest benefits of PPC advertising.

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What is PPC advertising?

PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising is a form of paid digital marketing where you pay a set fee each time your ad is clicked.

In PPC advertising, platforms such as Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising are used to bid on specific keywords or phrases that users may type into the search engine to look for your product or services.

PPC ads can be divided into 3 primary types that include:

  • Search & Shopping Ads

Search ads are text-based ads that you can see on Google or Bing search results pages. They are displayed above any of the organic results. Shopping ads include a price and product image and also show above the organic results and in shopping results.

  • Display Ads

Display ads are image-based and are displayed on third-party websites. Usually, these come in the form of a banner, gif or video.

  • Videos

These are the video ads that you see on YouTube.

What are the benefits of PPC advertising?

1. Immediate results

Getting to the first page of SERPs organically can often a long time, especially if you’re a new business or a site with low domain authority. If you’re looking for quick results PPC advertising is the best option. While it can take months for your organic search efforts to take effect, you can get your business to the top of the search engine result page within just a few hours thanks to PPC.

2. Measurable performance

One of the biggest benefits of PPC advertising is that it’s easy to measure and track results. Statistics are readily available to show you how your campaign is performing.

You can track every aspect of your campaign performance including impressions, clicks, conversions, and CPA. You can also see what kind of traffic and return on investment you’re getting for your budget. This provides valuable data insight into what works and what doesn’t. It also allows you to quickly make adjustments and optimisations to your campaigns.

The only downside is that making sense of all this data does require some time and skill. Luckily as an experienced PPC agency, we can help your business to make the most out of its PPC campaigns. We offer specialist PPC services and can help you build data-driven PPC campaigns to get your brand seen online.

3. Highly targeted

With PPC ads, you can show your ads to customers that are already searching for or are interested in your product or services. Apart from keywords, PPC advertising offers some great audience targeting options. These include demographics, geographical location, interests, and more.

Another good benefit of PPC is that you can create remarketing campaigns. These allow you to retarget users who visited your site but didn’t convert the first time round.

4. Cost-effective

PPC advertising campaigns are generally cost-effective. You only pay for the ad when the user clicks on it. This gives you complete control over how much or little you would like to spend. In addition to that, the PPC campaign can be continuously optimised and improved based on performance data to find that sweet spot between the spend and ROAS.

5. Complements other marketing channels

Finally, PPC works well together with marketing channels, SEO in particular. The PPC ad performance data such as impressions, clicks, and conversions can offer valuable insight can help inform your SEO and content strategy.

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