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7 Reasons to Hire a PPC Agency

Annabel Clark
Annabel Clark Marketing Director
6 mins

It’s not all about SEO you know. Companies often forget the value that pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can bring to them, and most importantly how immediate it is.

SEO takes time. It is a gradual process with no guaranteed outcomes, and sometimes you need to see results instantly. Now, I am an advocate of SEO and am by no means putting it down –it is an exercise that I think is worthwhile and should be invested in providing you have the time or the right agency (us!) to do it correctly.

An SEO strategy is complex, it is bespoke to every company and isn’t something that can start in month one and see results in month two. PPC on the other hand is.

If you’re contemplating PPC for your company, my first piece of advice is don’t do it yourself! No, I’m not trying to give you a sales pitch, but it’s important that you understand my reasoning – there are PPC agencies and experts for a reason.

So, here are my 7 reasons why you should hire a PPC agency.

1. PPC isn’t something you learn over night

Whilst Google aims to make all of their products easy for users, the Google AdWords platform is pretty complex. From keyword match types and bid adjustments, to location extensions and site links, there’s a lot to consider. When using these tools it’s important you know which ones are relevant for your business, and how you can maximize their use.

Good Great PPC experts take Google Exams. After passing a Fundamentals Exam and an Advanced AdWords exam with a high score, it means they are Google accredited. With Google backing them up that should be enough to instill confidence in your PPC expert. Of course we at Upperdog are Google AdWords Accredited.

2. To set up a successful AdWords account you don’t just use AdWords

Agencies have the advantage of having access to many tools that can help with both SEO and PPC. The free tools offer a good basis, such as the AdWords Keyword Planner, but the paid ones give you more bang for your buck.

As an individual setting up a PPC campaign your awareness of what users are searching for in your industry, and what your competitors are doing, is limited. Paid tools help uncover some of this meaning your campaign can be set up more effectively from day one.

3. When it comes to keywords, they have to be right

You will of course know the majority of keywords that users may search for when looking for your business or services. But have you thought about variations for each of these? Singular and plural? Misspells? Abbreviations? Other ways they could be interpreted?

Even if you have considered all the above, getting the right match types and excluding any irrelevant keywords is vital. Your PPC agency will know how to do this, and most importantly it’ll be something they can do with their eyes shut. Save yourself time and money and get the experts in!

4. Things change and time is short

Google likes to change. A lot. Will you be able to spot these changes? Can you adapt your PPC campaign effectively? And most importantly, do you have the time?

PPC requires time and attention, not just from setup but on an ongoing basis. To keep your campaign as cost effective as possible you should be nurturing it as if it were a prized orchid. Evolving your campaign in line with Google’s changes is vital in staying ahead of your competitors.

5. Can you prove if your campaign is effective?

Measuring impressions and clicks that your ads get is an obvious one, but can you drill down and identify if the traffic you’re getting is relevant and whether users are actually spending time on your site? PPC is a great channel for increasing visits, but no-one wants to be exceeding budget on users who come and leave your site straight away.

Using analytical tools and compiling data from various sources are something that PPC agencies are at home with. Put it this way, would you rather spend hours of your precious time trying to work out which of your ads are working best and what pages users are viewing, or would you rather receive a nice summary report showing you this in lovely visual graphs?

6. Did you teach yourself everything you know in your current role?

Unless you’re superhuman probably not. If your boss isn’t keen on getting an external agency to do something that is “within your remit – it’s Marketing after all”, pose it to him or her this way:

If you needed your website redesigned, would you get an agency, or expect someone in Marketing to do it?


If you wanted to get a catering supplier specifically for bread would you use a well-known baker, or ask me to get my apron on?

You are not a PPC master, and you shouldn’t be expected to be! Marketing is such a broad field and there will always be some things that are outsourced. A web designer didn’t learn how to design a website in a flash (excuse the pun), a baker didn’t learn how to make bread in one day, and a PPC expert can’t be created over night.

7. Don’t fret

Finally my last piece of advice is don’t fret, we’re here to help! It’s easy to open up Google AdWords, get confused and then walk away from the opportunity to drive your business forwards. Get assistance; a PPC agency will be on your side, helping you make the most of your paid campaigns and striving for successful results, month after month.

And, if I’ve convinced you that you do need a PPC agency, then get in touch with us, a PPC agency in Bournemouth or fill out our free PPC audit! Or if you’ve had a taste and just want to get to grips with the basics of PPC why not enquire about our PPC master class? For more information please contact us.

Pretty good, right?

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