Tweets Return to Google Search

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The internet is all aflutter with the latest news that tweets will start to appear in Google search in real time later this year. This means that when you search for something, any related tweets have the potential to show up in the search results.

Twitter has agreed a deal with Google to make tweets (from their 284 million users) visible in SERPs as soon as they are posted. Twitter had a similar agreement with the Search Engine giant back in 2009 however it lapsed in 2011, causing Google to crawl Twitter for every single tweet – a truly Herculean task.

With this new deal in place Google can access tweets from an automatic feed to display the tweets in search results. As it stands in Yahoo and Bing tweets are already included in SERPs.

Why the Move to Show Tweets in Search Results?

The agreement means more tweets will be seen by non-Twitter users and is linked to a plan from Twitter Chief Executive Officer Dick Costolo to draw more people to the social network after a slump in user growth.

This interesting development in the world of Google search has got the Upperdog pack sat with our snouts in the air – we’re excited to sniff out how exactly this is going to impact SEO and search.

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