Top 5 PPC Trends for 2017

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2016 was filled with huge changes to the PPC landscape, and 2017 looks set to keep up the pace! Here’s the top 5 PPC trends for 2017 as predicted by PPC Agency Upperdog:

  1. Conversion paths will become more complex

Whether it’s a search platform or paid social advertising, there are dozens of ways in which a customer can join your conversion path. It’s likely your marketing channels will increase in 2017, meaning you’ll need to record conversions in more ways than ever before! It’s important to record how a customer successfully found you to accurately calculate ROI – a critical area that’s always included in Upperdog’s PPC services.

  1. Paid social advertising takes a bigger piece of the paid pie

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are by far the front runners in paid social advertising which is a trend that will continue to grow in 2017 – Facebook for example grew to 2 billion searches per day by the end of 2016. Regular social media ad management is key to ensuring that your offerings remain competitive as more businesses join the paid social media space.

  1. Voice search will explode in popularity

With the rise of voice shopping devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, consumers are now using voice as an everyday event. For 2017, the aim for PPC services is for search engines to know the difference between typed or voice searches so that messaging and output can be tailored to the user. Want to know more about the exciting new area of voice search? Read our blog on 5 ways voice search is reshaping SEO in 2017!

  1. Expanded text ads will re-shape how we create effective ad copy

Expanded text ads have been rolled out across most major PPC platforms, with Google AdWords retiring the standard ad type by January 31st 2017. The increased room for ad text has enabled advertisers to re-design their offerings from the ground up. Upperdog’s dedicated PPC services have ensured that all of our clients took full advantage of these updates and stayed one step ahead of the competition.

  1. Mobile will continue to dominate

2016 was the year of the mobile – with audiences using their mobile devices in more ways than ever before. Mobile is here to stay in 2017, but many advertisers haven’t yet taken full advantage. Device targeting is incredibly important within PPC management as it allows you to tailor content for the user’s experience. This combined with Google’s mobile search changes makes this an area you can’t afford to miss!

That’s our list of trends for 2017 – PPC without a doubt will continue to evolve with new features and changes that provide you with an opportunity to drive more quality traffic, leads and conversions to your business. Want to stay ahead of the competition? Get in touch with the PPC management wizards at Upperdog by calling us on 01202 798 820 or email