The Tale of the Easter Bunny


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In the spring of 1889 there stood a small, wooden house perched on the end of a cobbled London street. The house was a dirty white, held together by aging wooden beams and the ambitions of a keen entrepreneur. Unlike his London home, Mr. Summacanes had promise. A 25 year old, lonely businessman with nothing but a string of bizarrely-named pet rabbits, Summacanes was planning something big; something that could get him out of his creaky house and into the stately homes, the manors, the money.

Out of ideas and out of pocket, Summacanes was lacking inspiration. His last improvised ploy to deliver cushioned eggs from his window with a slingshot had ended in disaster after Mrs. Higgins failed to react quickly enough to a stray egg to the bosom.

One pale evening in February, Summacanes sat deflated and slouched at his desk, his mind wandering around the beautiful idea of a stately manor with all-you-can-eat breakfasts, brunches, lunches and dinners. As he tucked into his imaginary steak, Frederic Pongleton, Bernie Junior and Perkins Tonk (his beloved rabbit minions) scuffled around his toes. A short spar and a poorly timed diving nibble later, Summacanes had Frederic’s front gnashers tucked into his big toe. Leaping as high as a penny-farthing, Summacanes bellowed out of disbelief and discomfort. He turned, crouched down and waved a finger with the sternest of sincerity at Bernie, Frederic and Perkins cursing their existence. The three rabbits gawped back. Summacanes eyed the back of the furred scruffs as they skulked off, scolded, each in different directions.

That’s when it happened – a spark of ingenuity and over-ambition. The way each of his furred companions understood his anger and his order to scatter gave Summacanes his next entrepreneurial stunt. If they obeyed that command, what else could they obey? Summacanes set to work.

Nobody’s sure what exactly Summacanes did in the next two months. It’s said he locked himself in his home with his rabbits and rarely left. Mad shouting and the bellowing of an old trumpet was often heard from his abode, and it’s reported that he was once sighted scribbling down the house numbers of those on the street, with a handful of eggs.

Six weeks later, on April the 18th, the door of the house on the edge of the street flew ajar. Summacanes emerged, and marched out into the cobbled London street, sounding a horn that echoed house to house. From out behind his legs scuttled Perkins Tonk, Bernie Junior and Frederic Pongleton. The rabbits sprang out behind him then split off, each confidently picking out a home, heading to the front door before returning to Summacanes. Summacanes marched directly down the middle of the cobbled street, a wheeled wicker basket in tow. The basket contained eggs, and as each resident of the stony Victorian street peered from their doors (from curiosity at this mad man with a horn) they found an egg at their feet. It quickly became apparent that Perkins, Bernie and Frederic were retrieving the eggs with their mouths, and laying them at the front of the houses with total prudence. Summacanes had mastered a delivery service – a unique business that would make him the talk of the town.

Fast-forward 125 years and the rabbit remains a mascot for delivering eggs over the Easter period. Little is known about Summacanes’ story in today’s Easter celebrations, but it is because of his avid ambition and his wild attempt to make a name for himself that we celebrate the Easter Bunny today.  

 The End

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Summa (adjective)

Definition: The greatest, highest or UPPER

Canes (noun)

Definition: Hound, canine or DOG