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Lauren Robinson
Lauren Robinson Senior Account Manager
2 mins

Hey, I’m Lauren and I’ve recently joined Upperdog as a Digital Account Manager! 

My career all began when I dipped my paws into a new role in digital marketing. This was 5 years ago now and ever since then, I’ve been barking mad about all things digital! 

Over the years I’ve worked within a digital marketing in-house team, covering everything from PPC, to SEO, to email marketing. More recently, I’ve been working freelance as a PPC specialist and this is  where my passion lies. I love getting my snout stuck in to a PPC campaign plan, and I’m excited to have the opportunity at Upperdog to expand my skills, work with new clients and get my paws dirty with new projects! 

Joining the top digital marketing agency in Bournemouth

Since joining Upperdog, I’ve really felt like a part of the team. Everyone has been incredibly welcoming and eager to help me learn the tips and tricks of the pack. Working as a freelancer was great but I missed that team environment and having others around me to chat to, learn from and collaborate with. Joining the pack at Upperdog has been a highlight of my year! The digital marketing services we offer include PPC, SEO, and social media services, all of which I’m excited to get into whilst working on my management skills in this new role. 

Behind the scenes…

Whilst at the office, you’ll find me digging my paws through a new campaign strategy, analysing performance data or chatting with our clients. Away from the pawffice, you will find me at the gym, out for a run, or seeking out a crisp glass of rose. 

I’m an introverted extrovert, so I love the craziness and energy that life brings. Yet I will crave my own company to recharge my battery, whether that be a walk with my family dog Reggie & a podcast, or kicking back with another replay of Grey’s Anatomy. 

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Pretty good, right?

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