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Last Man Standing in Moorland, Somerset Levels Fights for his House

Update – 14/02/14

Somerset’s own King Canute is continuing his fight, despite the relentless winds and constant rains exacerbating the floods. Friday saw other members of the Notaro team break through to reach the house to reinforce efforts. With no signs of the floods clearing, endless attempts to prevent further build up of water are taking their toll as the bacteria within the water is causing sickness. See the slideshow below for the latest images directly from Sam Notaro.

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Update – 11/02/14

  • Floods set to continue for at least another two days
  • Sam Notaro has built a 6 foot clay wall around his £1m property
  • Wall was raised 45cm alone today – easing off floods for 24 hours
  • Marines arrived in Somerset to assist with weather disaster
Aerial view of Sam Notaro's house. Picture: SWNS
Aerial view of Sam Notaro’s house. Picture: SWNS

The devastating floods in Somerset are set to continue long into a second week, effecting the whole of Moorland – home to the family of Upperdog Top Dog, Zhara. Originally from Somerset, Zhara’s family, known locally as the Notaro’s, have been battling against the rising waters for eight days. In true Notaro spirit they aren’t going to be giving up any time soon.

Perrie Woods, father of Zhara Woods (Upperdog Founder), ensures the pump is working correctly

Marines arrived in Somerset today and the Notaro’s, including Zhara’s father, worked alongside the troops to stop the floods spreading any further. Sam Notaro is building a six-foot wall of mud and rocks around his £1m house – which was elevated a further 45cm today alone to ease off the floods for another 24 hours. Sam has been using the family business’ digger to help others within the community. He said “We are taking it day by day and hoping the water levels will subside.”

The small boat currently being used to transport helpers to Sam Notaro’s house, positioned next to the top of the 6 foot clay wall.

Established single handedly by Zhara’s grandfather Mr Sabato Notaro after moving to England from Italy in 1951, the S. Notaro group and the Notaro family is now well-known in Somerset. These images of the current situation were caught by the Notaro’s today, and give a glimpse into life in Somerset at the moment.

The family has been helping out, from pumping out the water, to providing food and drink to the marines that have been brought into the area to ease the situation by laying sandbags to reduce the extent of flooding.

Flood waters continue to rise around Sam Notaro’s house

If you would like to help out there are donation drop-off points in Glastonbury, Meare and Street, where you can give parcels of food and drink to the families that have been affected. You can also donate online to the Somerset Community Foundation, who are aiming to raise £200,000 for help with recovery from the floods.

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