How to Verify Your Google My Business Page

A key aspect of being Google's friend

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As the second most popular search engine (after YouTube) it’s a good thing to be affiliated or connected with Google. One way of improving your digital marketing strategy is to use Google My Business and Google+, Google’s own social network. A Google My Business page that is optimized properly can improved search visibility and verifying it boosts your authenticity further. Once verified, your profile will receive its Google badge and business details such as address, phone number and opening hours will show up on Google Maps and more.

Step 1: Sign in to Google Business

Access the Google My Business page and either sign in with an existing account or create a new one. We suggest that you use an account that is exclusively linked to your business.


Step 2: Find Your Business on Google Maps

Then, search for your business using its name and address. If it’s not listed, click the option ‘No, this is not my business’. If you can’t find your business listed you can click on the option No, these are not my businesses or I’ve correctly entered the name and address and manually enter the details of your business. Make sure that everything you enter is accurate then click Submit.



Step 3: Verify Your Business

The process of verification is to ensure that business information is accurate and that only the manager has access to it. There are several ways to verify your business but these options depend on the type of business it is. To begin, select your business and then click on verify now. You can:

Verify by Postcard: A postcard request screen will appear with the business address. Double check that the address is correct and click Send Postcard. Google will send you a verification code to the business address you gave within two weeks of you entering the details. Add the verification code when it arrives in your dashboard.

Verify by Phone: This option is not available for all businesses and if it does not appear when you attempt to verify, use the postcard option above. Add your business phone number and click on Verify by phone to have the code sent as a text message. Enter the code in your dashboard.

Instant Verification: It is possible be instantly verify your business, but only if it is already verified with Google Webmaster Tools and you are logged into the same Google account.

Bulk Verification: This option is only for those trying to manage 10 or more locations of the same business.

Step 4: Review Your Changes

After you’ve entered the verification code you’ll have another chance to look over your details before you submit them to Google for indexing.

Step 5: Get Posting!

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a Google+ Business page! Make sure to beef up your profile with lots of images and descriptions! Why not check ours out?

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