Get To Know Our Digital Account Executive, Calypso

Learn more about what it's been like working for us the last 6 months through the eyes of one of our newest recruits

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Meet Calypso, one of the newest members to join the Upperdog Marketing team, and she’s barking mad! (In a good way)


Want to find out more about me, myself, and I? Well, paws what you’re doing and have a read!

My name is Calypso and I recently joined the Upperdog family in September as their latest Digital Account Executive. Prior to this role, I had spent 21 months undertaking a digital marketing apprenticeship with a successful telecommunications company called Voip Unlimited. There I worked in-house in their marketing department shadowing the marketing manager. As my apprenticeship was coming to an end, I took a moment to think about where I was heading. Was I to continue doing marketing for one company or try a different avenue and look at digital marketing agencies in Bournemouth? Upon seeing the job specification for Upperdog, I knew exactly what my next step was. I was ready to kickstart the pursuit of my digital marketing career!

Where it all began

Before my interview had even begun, I got to meet the wonderful but slightly temperamental office dog called Milo. I am sure he put in a good word for me after so thanks for that Milo, I owe you one.

To work for a marketing and web development company like Upperdog was always a dream goal for me. Especially at the age of 21, I thought it would be rare to achieve. I wanted this opportunity to specialise in key areas I had experience in during my apprenticeship. For me, I always enjoyed SEO and the creative content writing side of marketing. And where better to develop my skills for SEO in Bournemouth than with Upperdog. Who wouldn’t want to work with a team of experts in the top digital marketing agency in Bournemouth? This was the chance to build my digital marketing career on the foundations I had set. To actually be living that dream now, however, has me pinching myself to check this is still real.

Six months working at the top digital marketing agency in Bournemouth

Fast forward to 6 months into the job role, I couldn’t be happier! Waking up every day working for a great company, doing a job I genuinely love, has been such a blessing so far. The amount I have progressed my skills already has me confident I can continue to excel with Upperdog.

So, what’s it like working for the top digital marketing agency in Bournemouth? Although it is a fast-paced environment, each day I continue to learn more and more. The company is split into two main departments which include web design and development, and digital marketing. Combine these together and you get the full package under one marketing and web development company. On the marketing side of things, Upperdog offer a wide range of social media, PPC, and SEO services in Bournemouth. Surrounded by a team of professionals, it’s clear I’ll never be falling short on knowledge. We’re a team of people who love what we do, and it shows through our work!

Behind the scenes, a little more about me

By day I am a Digital Account Executive at Upperdog learning to specialise in SEO in Bournemouth. But by night, I am a full-pledged cheese fanatic! Now, this could be due to the stereotypical fact that I am French, or it could be down to the fact I just love cheese. Either way, if there ever were to be the human equivalent of a cube of cheese, it would most certainly be me.

Outside of being a cheese gremlin, I do have a rather busy life and strive to live each day to the full. I’m a very outgoing and bubbly person and always seem to have an entertaining life. That being said, there is also nothing I love more than unwinding after a long day. And of course, binge-watching my latest discovered series.

Has all this talk got you thinking?

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