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AI-based marketing with human insight

Power your ads with advanced machine-learning. We combine data-led algorithms with real, human psychology for unparalleled results.

Ahead of the curve

Utilising the latest AI-driven software, programmatic advertising enables ambitious, forward-thinking brands to reach their target audience with precision and efficiency.

But machines can’t do everything. Achieving maximum ROI and brand awareness requires specialist expertise.

At Upperdog, we leverage our 10+ years of industry knowledge to refine the automated bidding processes, making real-time adjustments on the move to ensure brands cut through the noise.

Programmatic expertise

Incorporating programmatic display advertising into your marketing strategy can transform the way you communicate with your audience. That means greater exposure, greater awareness, and greater returns.

Increased reach

Programmatic advertising takes advantage of advanced AI algorithms to reach significantly larger audiences than traditional advertising methods.

Precision targeting

Machine-learning enables you to target specific demographics, interests, and online behaviours, ensuring you’re visible to those likely to be interested in your brand.

Optimal efficiency

Automate the ad bidding process with advanced data analytics, efficiently minimising wasted spend and maximising ad performance.

A human agency

Behind the words, we’re a team of dedicated marketing specialists who believe in a blend of hard work and transparency. These are the services we can offer.


We provide advice on your current programmatic advertising or build new campaigns from scratch.


Our experts will fine-tune your target audiences to ensure that every penny spent is in the right place.

Creative design

Reaching your audience is one thing, but meaningful conversions require inviting ad design and landing pages.

Reporting & analysis

We provide real-time data on performance, all delivered in concise, clear-to-understand terms.

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Our PPC campaigns that leave a lasting impression

A holistic digital marketing strategy to increase visibility and sales in a competitive market, spanning SEO, PPC, and Meta.

A full multi-channel paid media strategy for lead generation, maximising brand awareness and driving new leads in the UK.

Programmatic ads FAQs

Have a question about programmatic display advertising? You’re in good hands. Learn how programmatic ads work here.

Programmatic ads is a term for digital ads that are bought and sold automatically using software and algorithms, allowing for real-time bidding and placement. This process streamlines ad buying, targeting, and optimisation, making it more efficient and data-driven compared to traditional methods.

Programmatic ads work by using automated technology to purchase and place ads in real-time. Advertisers set their target audience and budget, and algorithms handle the bidding process, selecting the best placements across various websites and apps to reach the desired audience efficiently.

The main difference between programmatic and display ads is how they are bought and sold. Programmatic ads use automated, real-time bidding systems to purchase ad space, while traditional display ads are often purchased directly from publishers or though ad networks. Programmatic ads offer greater efficiency, targeting precision, and scalability compared to traditional display ads.

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