Why You Need A Mobile Responsive Website

Be friendly to mobiles!

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The use of mobiles and tablets is on the rise. We’ve all seen the figures; 60% of users now access the internet via a mobile device which means that now more than ever, having a responsive website is no longer an online luxury – it’s a necessity.

“But how, Upperdog?” we hear you cry. Well it’s quite simple – if your website isn’t designed for mobiles then mobile users won’t visit it, and if they do they’re not going to have a good user experience. This could mean your business may have just lost a huge chunk of potential revenue or conversions. And that’s just bad business sense.

Think Mobile for SEO

Google applies similar rules to websites on mobile devices as it does to desktop websites; if a site has a high bounce rate or users find it difficult to use, your rankings will be affected. Unlike usual algorithm updates Google has actually pre-warned webmasters of a change to ranking signals set to launch on 21st April. More than ever mobile should be part of your SEO strategy, rather than a bolt-on that just happens to exist.

Mobile search results

Google Search on mobile is a lot more ruthless than desktop. Although Google AdWords still displays up to three ads, as a maximum there are five organic results available underneath compared to the 10 on desktop. Couple this with the smaller screen of a mobile device and you have yourself an extremely competitive online environment.

If it’s so Competitive, Why Bother?

Yes, Google Search is competitive on a mobile but as there are still many companies that don’t understand the power and potential of mobile search, you can get ahead of the crowd. If you’re not working on a mobile responsive site now, you should be!

Given You Paws for Thought?

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