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What’s it like joining the ‘ultimutt’ digital marketing agency?

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I’m Joel, the newest member of the digital marketing team at Upperdog. I am mad about sports so you name it and I’m watching it. I love Football, Basketball, Formula One and Golf. I am also very competitive so I’m hoping to get the office dog, Milo, up to speed so we can take home the grand prize at next year’s Crufts. If one of the show’s categories is staring longingly at me while I eat a sausage roll, I think we’ve got a good chance. If you like pizza and a gritty Netflix drama then you’ve got a companion for life. Unless you think pineapple is a pizza topping, in which case, you’re in the doghouse.

Before joining Upperdog I studied at Arts University Bournemouth before going on to work in a marketing team for an audio brand in London. I met some fantastic people along the way and learnt a lot, like never fall asleep on the way home from work or you’ll wake up in Heathrow! But the next step for me was to find a digital marketing agency in Bournemouth where I could learn and develop my digital marketing skills further.

I’ve been at Upperdog for a month now, and it’s been the paw-fect opportunity for me. It’s a fast-paced environment but everyone is happy to help and share their PPC, SEO and social ads knowledge. Working at Upperdog has been a great way to learn the SEO process while collaborating with some amazing clients.  My role mainly involves content writing for SEO. Getting to know all our clients and writing content on a range of topics has been a challenging but rewarding experience.

Away from the desk, I’ve also had to prove myself at the weekly games of Kubb (a throwing game a bit like bowling with sticks that can get very intense) and the company bake-off. Each day I come away having learnt something new and I can’t wait to get stuck-in over the coming months.

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