Upperdog Special Report: UberEATS!

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Update 25/10/2017: Since this post was written, UberEATS has launched in Bournemouth, offering McDonalds delivery! We’ve found their offerings to be no different to Deliveroo (except McDo) and perhaps more expensive. Watch this space!

Since its introduction in San Francisco in 2011, Uber has made quite the impression. With an estimated $1.5 billion in net revenue in 2015, the multinational mobile ride-hail company has grown exponentially and has no plans to stop.  They’ve devoured the taxi industry in various popular locations and then unveiled plans to consumer the restaurant delivery market with UberEATS.

What is UberEATS?

UberEATS launched in May 2015 in Toronto and has grown to encourage cities like Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Seattle to eat more of their favourite food by delivering the non-deliverable via an app. As stated on their website, ‘UberEATS delivers the best of right when you want it. Ordering food through UberEATS is just like requesting a ride, and it uses the same cashless payment.’* Local restaurants that don’t have the means to deliver can sign up to UberEATS and residents can receive their favourite food delivered straight to their laps for an added fee.

Is UberEATS coming to the UK?

Unfortunately, UberEATS isn’t available in the UK at the moment, much to Deliveroo’s delight. We reached out to an UberEATS representative for comment and it seems they have no plans to join us in the near future. If you haven’t discovered Deliveroo yet, it’s the Upperdog pack’s favourite app as it delivers goodies from some of our favourite Bournemouth restaurants such as 7bone and Sushi Ninja. Mmm tasty.

What do people think of UberEATS?

From what we’ve gathered by speaking to various people living in the UberEATS areas, it seems like the service isn’t as popular as we initially suspected. Savannah Cathey, from LA, USA said, ‘I’ve never used it as I use a different food delivery service [Postmates]. You don’t have as many options with UberEATS, and there are thousands of food delivery apps that deliver luxury restaurant food, fast food like McDonalds as well as regular household items, alcohol and more’,

Sabina Beiboutov in Paris, France also commented, ‘UberEATS in Paris only delivers a small selection of restaurants and unfortunately, my student self can’t afford them. There are many other options in Paris such as Alloresto that I prefer to use. As far as I’m aware they only deliver lunch and not many people are willing to fork out €30 for it.’

It seems that the UberEATS trend hasn’t quite caught on yet, and its competitors may be one step ahead. The Upperdog pack are big foodies and love to keep up to date with the latest food innovations. A well fed [healthy, of course] Upperdog pack helps us to keep our SEO strategies and website developments on track. It was once said that people who eat apples only improve their core strategies. Get it?

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*Because we’re SEO experts, we also noticed in our research of UberEATS that their homepage meta title and description aren’t optimised. Tut!

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