What Is Google’s New Performance Max Campaign Type?

Learn more about Google’s new Performance Max Campaign type.

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Google Performance Max is a new goal-based campaign type. Google claims that these new automated campaigns will help businesses find more converting customers which will lead to an increase in performance. Since the introduction of Google’s Smart campaigns, we have kept a close eye on the effectiveness of automated ad campaigns. With the announcement of Performance Max for 2022, we thought we’d dive a little bit deeper into what you can expect from this new Google Ads campaign type. 

What are Google Performance Max Campaigns?

Performance Max campaigns are the latest iteration of Google Ads automation. Google Ads automation uses a combination of machine learning and various algorithms to find optimum routes to grow your company. For a lot of businesses, Google Ads management is a daunting task. Understanding negative keywords, geo-targeting, audience, and bidding to run a successful campaign can seem overwhelming. Luckily as a PPC agency, we can help your business get the most out of its paid Google Ads campaigns; we offer a range of PPC services to help your company reach its business goals.  

Performance Max also makes the process of running a successful campaign much easier. Because Google’s algorithm handles most of the advanced decisions, you save lots of time when setting up and optimising campaigns. There is much less control over the parameters of an ads campaign, but for some businesses this level of simplicity is ideal.  

Advantages of Performance Max Campaigns

The focus of Performance Max campaigns is to achieve greater reach and performance with minimum effort. If you are most concerned about the ease of use and potential reach than the transparency and control of your campaigns, then Performance Max is suited. The biggest advantage of Performance Max is the ability to run across all of Google’s channels. Simplifying your Google Ads management across all these channels will save your business time when running campaigns.  

Using automated Performance Max campaigns across Google’s channels will allow your business to engage with more potential customers. Google uses advanced machine learning to make predictions on which combinations of ads and audiences perform most effectively for your brand.  

Managing a Performance Max Campaign 

With Google’s automation technologies doing a lot of the heavy lifting, it’s fair to wonder how much input Google requires to set up and manage a Performance Max campaign. Even when setting up a Performance Max campaign you will want to be clear about your objective. Depending on what you are looking to achieve you can connect your campaign to product feeds and store locations. Just like standard Google Ads management, you will need to set your budget and bidding strategy. Other parameters you will need to specify include location, languages, schedule, and campaign run dates.  

When setting up ads for your Performance Max campaigns you will see them referred to as ‘Asset Groups’. This is because it will act as an asset across all of Google’s channels. Performance Max campaigns will use machine learning to target consumers across their channels. You can speed up the optimisation of your campaigns by providing audience signals. This will allow your campaign to target audiences that display relevant behaviour and interests. If you are unsure how to set up Google Ads campaigns, then speak to a member of our team at our PPC agency 

Upgrading from a Smart Shopping Campaign 

If you have already set up Smart Shopping campaigns in your Google Ads account you may be wondering how this new campaign type will affect you. Any new automated campaigns you create will now be Performance Max campaigns. Starting in April you will be able to upgrade existing Smart Shopping and Local campaigns to Performance Max using Google’s one-click upgrade tool. Between July and September, your Smart Shopping campaigns will automatically upgrade. Local campaigns will begin updating from August. E-commerce partners like Shopify and WooCommerce will fully support Performance Max when you come to upgrade.  

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