What is Google Helpouts?

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Imagine having professional, one on one advice within a matter of mouse-clicks. Introducing Google Helpouts. Helpouts is the latest of Google’s revolutionary platforms posed to takeover the digital world, one video-call at a time…

Confused about the latest update of OSX? Want to learn to play the bongos? Not sure how to peel that swede? If you’ve ever come across a scenario, no matter how obscure, where you could use a little insight, chances are there’s someone out there with the knowledge and know-how to solve your dilemma. The only problem is knowing who to ask, and how to get hold of them. Well, not anymore. Google’s Helpouts is an entire platform where people can market their skills, insights and knowledge on just about any topic or task. For free or a fee, experts can offer their expertise on a scenario, all you have to do is video-call them and there they are; your very own one to one tutor.

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Just about anybody can host Helpouts (providing Google approves). You can build a profile from which to pitch your service and problem-solving expertise, before stating your minute or hourly rate. It’s even possible to select times at which people can book and schedule a video-call appointment with you.

The opportunities for this collaboration service are limitless. From cooking, computing and music lessons to yoga and psychotherapy classes. Even if you’re unsure how to use Helpouts, there’s probably a tutor on Helpouts waiting for you to schedule a call for $2 a minute. Whilst Google takes a 20% cut of each transaction, the platform could be a great place for even the most remote specialist to make use of their abilities.

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Of course, as with any marketplace, the more popular it becomes the more competitive it will become, which may bring issues in the long term for offline businesses. Nevertheless, Google Helpouts is still being developed, and at the moment is a great place for discovery. Customers can search, book and then rate any service they use to promote good or bad karma about the experts at the other end of the line.

If it is adopted by the online world, and if it is regulated appropriately, Google Helpouts could very well become the future of selling services. One thing is for certain; Google are continuing their pursuit of total online innovation.

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