What is Google+?

It's always changing

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Launched in 2011 as the next big thing in social networking, businesses were pretty slow to jump on the Google+ bandwagon. Now, just 2 years on, nearly 50% of companies have rated Google+ as the most important social network for their business and with its 500 million registered users, this really isn’t much of surprise. Today, there are so many new add-ons and regular integrations with other Google products and services, Google+ is quickly becoming the focal point for businesses and their marketing. However, having said all that, we are still in a position where even some of the world’s biggest brands haven’t signed up and considering that this is the social creation of the world’s most powerful search engine it really is not something that should continue to be ignored.

So, here are just a few reasons why we here at Upperdog think Google+ is so important.

Quick search engine recognition

It really is a no brainer that any links placed on your Google+ page will be indexed considerably more quickly than those placed on any other sites. Really, no one loves Google+ more than Google, so if you’re putting links on your profile they will give them immediate attention. This will then strengthen your page’s presence and, as a result, increase your search engine recognition.

It makes your content even more valuable

Linking your website to Google+ means you can now claim authorship on any original content you add to your site. By pulling through your profile alongside all blog posts you write, it should increase the click through rate as users can be sure yours is the original post and is therefore more trustworthy. This will both physically create a tie between your website and your profile and also increase your authority and influence in the search results.

Google authorship

Everyone is on it (more or less)

Google+ is what we would consider to be a ‘hybrid’. It’s not corporate, like LinkedIn and its not overly friendly, like Facebook. This means that, in theory, it can appeal to everyone. And this theory appears to be coming true. It has recently overtaken Twitter as the second largest social network in the world and the growth doesn’t seem to be slowing. Not only are there 500 million registered users but they are also spending more time than ever on there, making this platform even more powerful.

There are loads of cool features

We all know how much Google love to innovate and no where else is this more the case than on Google+. Cool features like Communities and Hangouts means you can ensure your profile is always exciting and keep users engaged with your brand. Hangouts also allows you to literally talk to your customers and videos can be streamed to an unlimited number of viewers. This will not only increase awareness of who you are and keep you up to date with your audience but will keep your fans coming back for more.

Google + features


This really is the tip of the iceberg, so if you would like to find out more about how Google+ can help your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch today and we’ll talk you through everything. Read our other blogs on Google+, learn about SEO services or find out more about us. Then get in touch!