Video SEO: All You Need To Know

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Google and its algorithm doesn’t just stop at the content on your website. Although we don’t think of it in these terms, Youtube is another type of search engine, which means that SEO is just as important.

Video SEO is as important for your content as regular SEO as it does that same job; it helps your content get found. Working on your video’s SEO will increase your visibility in organic search and across Youtube as a platform. It also gives your content a visible edge when shared on other social media platforms.

Treat your video as another type of content that should be optimised for Google’s Animalgorithms and follow these steps.

Work out your keywords

What are the main keywords that best describe your video and your business? Can they be combined? Make sure you do keyword research to find the most popular search phrase for your subject. This will make your video more likely to show or rank higher. Once you have decided on the appropriate keywords then make sure that you place them everywhere that Google will crawl.

Have a Catchy Title

No-one has ever been convinced to read anything if that thing has a dull title. If you want to stand out, stand out! Make your video title spark some interest in someone who’s scrolling down.

Create a Thorough Description

Although technological breakthroughs are happening every day, the Google/Youtube bots are still unable to actually ‘watch’ your video to determine what it’s about, which is where descriptions come in. The description box is also where you could tastefully place a few more keywords. This way, the bots will understand what your video is about and rank it higher.

Don’t Ignore Transcriptions

Don’t forget about the hard of hearing! Whilst the vast majority of us have perfect hearing, there are others who rely on subtitles and lip-reading to get by. If you don’t contribute something that makes your video accessible to these people then you’ve lost viewers and also potential customers!

Make sure that you have an accurate transcription of the video and upload it to your video’s dashboard. A good SEO boost would be to also place your video’s transcription within the description box. This would give the bots an extra thing to crawl and rank.


Want to remind your audience of specific items at specific points in your video? Look no further than annotations. Just remember not to go overboard and not to have them running over the entire course of the video – no-one wants to be closing boxes when they’re meant to be watching a video.

Need some help?

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