How to Use Psychology to Improve Your PPC Ads

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It’s easy to follow standard procedure when writing pay per click advertising copy. “This is who we are” and “this is what we do”. But is that really what a customer wants to know? And is it enough to make them buy? Here we delve into the depths of the human brain to explore how a few psychological tips can help improve your PPC results.

Be a Solution to the Problem!

It is tempting to talk about your company and why you think you are great. But it has been widely recorded that ad copy will perform better if it proposes an answer to the audience’s question. Take some time to learn what your audience is looking for. An understanding of your target market and how they search online can help you find the right keywords.

Get Emotional

We may consider ourselves to be practical, pragmatic thinkers, but often the opposite is true. Many of our buying behaviours are affected by our emotional drives rather than functional reasoning. But how do you create emotionally compelling text with only a few characters worth of space? According to Perry Marshall’s ‘Swiss army knife’ method, you can better understand your customers relationship with their emotions by answering these 5 questions:

• Who are your customers?
• What is a thing your customers love?
• What is a thing they hate?
• Who’s their best friend?
• Who’s their worst enemy?

Use these answers to identify which emotional triggers will be the most effective for your adverts.

Use Reviews

People are like sheep. Humans will often follow popular opinion, rather than spending time to research for themselves. This can be used to a marketer’s advantage. A review from a third party is more believable than a company promoting itself! Adding review extensions to your PPC copy can help influence an unsure potential buyer. If you would like to learn how to add these, ask your PPC agency for more information.


The Scarcity Effect

People don’t like losing out. They also feel a sense of social validation in obtaining something that others don’t. Advertisers have found that creating a sense of urgency can increase demand for a product. This can be used to great effect with Google AdWords customizer tools. For example, you can add a ‘Countdown’, which will dynamically show the amount of days/ hours left for a sale or offer. Tick tock!


Stand out from the crowd

Even if your advert is showing in the top position, it is important to have a message that sets you apart from the rest. A striking message will help your audience remember you. Use creative language, a sense of humour or trending topics to shape your ad copy and leave a lasting impression.
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