Upperdog’s Instagram Takeover

Watch out Instagram!

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It’s all go in the Upperdog Kennels – we’re taking to the world of imagery next. The following couple of months will see each of the Upperdog pack snapping photos in an Instagram takeover.

Each week, we’ll have a running theme for photos to capture as we document our day-to-day happenings as a fresh group of marketers. The journal will add a new dynamic to us as an agency as you get to know what we’re all about. Us. Our faces. Our friends. Our travels and our good times. Whatever we find cool in a week’s worth of adventures and marketing shenanigans.

We’re kick-starting our Instagram endeavours next week with A for animals – a much loved and integral part of our brand’s ethos. We’ll have a mixed-up variety of themes in the superseding weeks. So jump over to our Instagram page at @upperdoguk and hit follow. Then hit ‘like’ on whatever tickles your fancy. You can also follow all the action on the hashtag ‘#theKennelsAtoZ’.

Stay tuned.

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