Halloween in the Upperdog Lair

Spooky marketing!

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As an eerie darkness descends over this week of Halloween frights, there’s news from the Upperdog lair. We’ve been hard at work this past month formulating plots, sharpening our fangs and eating brains to keep us at the very top of the food chain. This is the latest update in Upperdog’s spooky story so far…

We have recruited two more evil geniuses to assist our team in conspiring against a mind-melting workload. Dan is our new Marketing Exec, grinding out fleshy content and lurking in the shadows of Google to galvanise our client’s online presence. And, if you’ve been stalking our social media updates you might have seen that with Dan comes Dexter; a 9 week old Scottie that adds a fierce bit of fluff to the Upperdog pack. Head to our Facebook page if you dare.

Next to join the gang is graphic designer James. A true Gandalf of the graphic world with design wizardry, James conjures up branding visuals with nifty witchcraft thinking and some ghostly swipes of a mouse. Cross James and he just might smite you with his cursor…

The Upperdog plot thickened this past Saturday, as we united with our furry minions for a charity dog walk from Boscombe pier to Bournemouth pier. Tennis balls were gnawed and lampposts were sniffed in a display of Halloween fright and terrier terror. Despite some stormy weather trying to disrupt the walk, the Upperdog clan and friends raised £180 for the Waggy Tails Rescue charity and Autism Wessex – two very worthy causes, a big spooky thank you to all those who got involved.

In this Halloween edition of Upperdog’s story so far, we can also celebrate the conquering of Google Analytics and Adwords as Annabel became a certified individual following a magnitude of lengthy tests. Upperdog’s armory now includes a razor-sharp knowledge of all things Google.

However, we’ve encountered new adversaries. The Google overlord has released it’s latest demon; the Hummingbird. The Hummingbird joins the petrifying duo, Panda and Penguin in Google’s updated list of algorithms for us in the Upperdog lair to overcome – but we have a few tricks up our sleeves.

On an endnote, we’re proud to announce that phase two of the Upperdog website was launched this month. It is now possible to see our past client work as proof of our progress towards world domination! Head over to our portfolio for a list of past triumphs.

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