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[Masterclasses no longer available]

We know that online marketing can be a tough nut to crack, and in today’s marketplace it’s becoming more and more crucial to keep up with competition. That’s where we come in. The Upperdog Academy provides a variety of master classes designed to get you up to gear with all the industry’s latest tips and tricks in online marketing.


Whether you’re a small business owner or a Marketing Manager, you’re probably all too familiar with wearing a number of thinking-hats – from accounts to HR, and from sales to operations. The Upperdog Academy can offer you an online marketing beret that will equip you with new skills to enhance your company, your job role & your CV!


As digital marketing specialists, we have the knowledge & know-how to broaden your online horizons. Are you still not quite sure what SEO stands for, or want to know what reach on Facebook actually means? Check out Upperdog’s list of master classes and register your interest today.


We’ll be holding these master classes based on demand, so tick as many that you are interest in and we’ll get back to you with the where and when.


Each master class will be held on a weekday lasting 2-4 hours dependant on the class. Master classes start from £50, with discounts available to existing Upperdog clients. Price includes class content, handout to takeaway, refreshments, and an Upperdog Academy certificate!


Master classes available:

Overview of SEO

Learn the foundations of SEO that your business needs to stand a good chance at ranking on the elusive first page of Google. This is suited for those that are new to SEO or have a basic understanding of SEO and want to learn a little bit more. This class will leave you with a bunch of handy tips, so you can go away and start implementing your own SEO.

The basics of social media management

Focusing on Facebook and Twitter, learn how to use a social media management tool and gain insight in to what content your customers really want to see on your social profiles. This class will teach you how to structure posts, when and where to post, and how to efficiently manage your social profiles.

Introduction to PPC

CPC, CPM, CTR – so many abbreviations, so little time. We’ll demystify PPC and give you an introduction of the Google AdWords platform. This class is perfect for those who have a PPC campaign and need help improving it, or for anyone looking to set up Google AdWords for the first time.


Register your interest today by letting us know in the contact form which masterclasses interest you. We’ll keep you posted with available master class dates!

[Apologies, this is no longer available]

For more information from Upperdog about our masterclasses, please get in touch.