Top 4 Social Media Marketing Trends To Expect In 2022

What's on the horizon for 2022?

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Since its first conception in the late 1990s, social media has played a big role in the evolution and movement of the world. Fast forward to over 20 years later, it is now part of most of our daily lives. And with social media now accounting for ¼ of all digital consumption, it’s an avenue that’s not to miss for keen digital marketers.

Social media marketing is a key area that every business can look to capitalise on. Due to its ever-growing nature, it is important to keep up with the trends and developments to stay ahead of the curve. So, what’s on the horizon this year? We share some of our top social media trends in 2022 that we think will take the limelight.

1.       Social media will continue to drive e-commerce sales

Now although this social media trend for 2022 isn’t exactly new and unheard of, we expect the success of social media in driving sales in e-commerce will only continue to grow. In particular during the latest pandemic, the use of social media and boost in online sales saw a monumental increase. In fact, Google recorded an estimated +45% increase in social traffic. Therefore, alongside SEO and PPC channels, social media marketing is remaining key for generating revenue online.

2.       An increase in customer service through social channels

It’s no surprise that larger brands are now expanding their customer service areas to cover social media. And nowadays, customer service is imperative to all businesses. Not only to uphold customer satisfaction but also for maintaining the reputation of a brand.

Think of these two scenarios. In the first, you send a lengthy email and await a few hours, potentially days of back-and-forth communication, before your issue is resolved. Or there is scenario two. You can easily click to go straight to live chat on Facebook and receive a quick response. Which would you prefer? The use of social channels for customer service overtaking email will be a big social media trend in 2022.

3.       Social media marketing will become more competitive

Our third social media trend in 2022 is the increase in competition. With more businesses taking the leap towards online marketing, the market for social media advertising will become more competitive. This will naturally lead to a rise in the expenses businesses incur for promoting their products through social channels such as CPCs. Despite this, advertising through socials is still key. Not only for brand awareness but also for staying level with the competition. By following best practice or using a social media agency like us, you can still make your advertising cost-efficient.

4.       New avenues will be made available

As the world of social media marketing evolves, so does the avenues made available to digital marketers. If we look at some of the key social platforms for example, the options available for marketing have developed considerably in the past 6 months. To retain user engagement and drive sales, the need to update marketing strategies is fundamental. If there were no changes to social ads, eventually the results would grind to a halt. This is a definite social media trend in 2022 that large platforms such as and Instagram will be sure to implement.

With all of the above in mind, it’s clear the social media marketing landscape will continue to excel. Our best advice to digital marketers is to be prepared for the upcoming changes in this sector.

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