Our Favourite Dog Gadgets

Toys that'll make you bark with excitement

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Developing amazing websites, increasing organic traffic and general digital marketing wizardry are some of our skills at Upperdog, but one can’t forget that ensuring Milo’s comfort is maintained is essential. Milo is our brand ambassador, our beloved friend, co-worker and office pup, and he must remain safe, comfortable and happy at all times!

An unhappy Milo makes an unhappy office, so we have researched a few incredible dog gadgets we know both dog and owner will love!

  1. Ulo – a pet surveillance camera


Ulo is an innovative adaptation of CCTV, which promotes organic communication between the device and your pet. Camera and motion sensors are presented within an owl with digitized eyes that follow motion and streams live video to a webpage or mobile app. The camera also has infrared night vision, built-in speaker and waterproof covering, allowing you to monitor your pet anywhere and at anytime!

  1. Dog Tracker Plus – GPS collar


This comfortable collar is simple to use with an app that alerts you when your dog goes too far. Features include a panic alert, anti-cut webbing, security lock and collar that prevents removal! The collar can also track your dog’s fitness with activity reports and goals – something Milo doesn’t need 😉

  1. Go Go Dog Pals – Remote control dog toygo-go-dog-pal-upperdog


If your pup likes to chase rabbit and squirrels, this dog toy is perfect. The toy is decorated to look like an animal with a durable finish, long battery life and advanced remote control with easy steering!

  1. K&H Dog Bed – Dog cooling bed


After a fun walk in the countryside your pooch may find it hard to cool down. The water wicks in this dog bed absorb the heat and releases it into the air, which also comforts arthritis, hip problems and skin disorders!

  1. LED Collar – Light up dog collar


This entire collar is LED with LED lights that flash in the darkness, helping to keep you and your dog safe when walking. Early morning and late evening walks are worry free and perfect for dogs with a dark coat like Milo!

Keep your pup entertained, comfortable and safe with our favourite dog gadgets. If you’d like to learn more about Milo’s typical day, or for further information about our digital marketing services, please contact us 01202 798 820 or email hello@upperdog.co.uk.