Our Top 5 Spine-Tingling Scary Films


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At Upperdog HQ we’re big fans of Halloween and all the spooky territory that comes with it. The time where the veil between the mortal and spiritual planes are at their thinnest is one fraught with danger and mystery. To celebrate this and all the things that go bump in the night we’ve compiled a list of our top horror movies. Dare you watch them?

5 – REC

Coming in at position 5 is where Spanish horror meets the footage technique from The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity and decides to make a monstrously terrifying love child. Meet REC and say goodbye to peaceful nights…

4 – Nightmare on Elm Street

Who needs to go sleep when you have Freddy Kreuger lurking in your dreams? This goes to show how dangerous the suburbs can be. Look out for a young and unknown Johnny Depp in this terrifying slasher.

3 – Paranormal Activity

A dark presence hangs over Katie and Micah as they move into their new home. Katie has somehow brought a malevolent spirit from her past with her, and now it wants to play.

2 – The Conjuring

There’s a lady in a dirty nightgown and she’s gonna get you. Based on a true story, this horror movie follows real-life ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren, investigating the scream-inducing haunting of a farmhouse in Rhode Island.

1 – The Shining

Trapped in a haunted hotel in the dead of winter? Snow thank you: “Heere’s Johnny!”

This film, based on the novel of the same name by acclaimed novelist Stephen King deserves a top 5 spot just being the brainchild of the best horror novelist of the 20th century.

Too scary to handle?

If you’re not as big a fan at jumping out of your seat like we are, you can watch some parodies enacted by bunnies.

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