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Meet Jack, our new Digital Marketing Exec

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After bounding into Upperdog five weeks ago under the name “Josh”, it seems about time I let my bark be heard.

Hello! My name is Jack and I am Upperdog’s newest Junior Digital Marketing Executive. Joining the team as a second-year Advertising student at Bournemouth University, I am delighted to be given the chance to cut my teeth in this industry premature to my compulsory University ‘placement’. Eager to learn as many life and career skills as humanly possible, I am incredibly grateful to be joining Bournemouth’s most dog-doting digital marketing agency.

jack-new-upperdog-memberWhen I’m not playing football, down at the beach, or busting some questionable moves on the dance floor, I can be found at my Upperdog desk writing blogs and content to improve clients’ SEO. No matter what industry I’m looking in to, each week I have found myself leaving the office having learnt something new and interesting (making me a promising pub quiz champion in decades to come!).

So, in a nutshell, that’s me. Over the next 5 months I can’t wait to get stuck in with more blog writing and learning, whilst hopefully seeing the fruits of my labour in the form of fully-booked, happy clients. Onwards and upwards!

Jack (occasionally referred to by the Upperdog pack as “Josh”!)

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