How to be Super Productive at Work

Tips on how to get 'In the Zone' !

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Are you happy with what you achieve at the end of a working day? Fear not the Upperdog pack has come to the rescue!

After nearly two years as a digital marketing agency we have managed to perfect our productivity strategy so we’re sharing it with the world! So here are a few ideas which could help you feel much more productive at the end of the working day:

Enjoy a morning ritual

The thing about mornings is if we don’t start them appropriately the rest of the day can seem a bit out of whack. What is it that you need to know or do first thing in the morning to get your day started?

When we come into the office the first thing we do, after asking how everyone is doing, is check emails and make a note of any actions. Marketing pup Daphne then has her porridge and Google Expert Annabel and I have a lovely cup of coffee. Aaaah.

Plan your day with a to-do list and be realistic

So you’ve settled into your seat and you’re ready to do some work, but where to start?

In the Upperdog office we go through our work, break it up into manageable chunks and plan the day out so we know exactly what we need to do.

As things pop up throughout the day, whether they’re big or small, making a note of them means you a) never forget and b) bulk up your to-do list making you look like a superhuman accomplishing all the things. Win-win!

Tip: having a big to-do list for the week which you can then break down into days is much more manageable than just taking each day as it comes.

Meet and talk to people…

As a digital marketing agency that is populated by unique individuals it is our collaboration as a team that helps us provide the best SEO and PPC services to our clients.

Regular meetings means that we all know how everyone is getting on with their schedule and if one person needs help then it’s immediately at hand. We can also share knowledge and ensure the team is up to date with the industry. Collaboration is key, people!

…but there’s no points for holding the most meetings

Everybody knows that too much management yields not enough work, so find the perfect balance of meetings for you.

If the topic can be discussed in an email or a quick desk chat there’s no need for an unnecessary, time-consuming meeting. Make sure you are appropriating your time effectively. No-one likes meetings about meetings for the meeting about that meeting…

Ah, music to our ears

If you’re in the zone, then others better watch out; mega productivity is currently underway!

Some people focus in different ways; in the Upperdog office we have a playlist that has a selection of all of our favourite songs or songs du jour that we work to. And if one of us needs some quiet time then out come the headphones and Spotify’s

Deep Focus or Peaceful Piano Playlist. La la la….

Have some great coffee on hand

We take the saying “Friends don’t let friends drink bad coffee” seriously. It helps you get into the flow of things and it’s simply delicious.

We’re not advocating caffeine (well maybe a little) but having a drink you enjoy can break up your day and get you away from your desk for 5 minutes. Sometimes that’s all it takes to figure out that niggling problem which you’ve spent the last hour staring at on your screen.

Snacks are always a good thing

Sometimes we need a little something to perk us up and sometimes that something is biscuits. No-one’s judging, everyone agrees, so don’t worry. Also coffee and biscuits is a match made in heaven. Don’t get hangry (hungry and angry) and make sure you stop for lunch, your body needs it!

Have a beer!

Every Friday to kick-start the weekend we celebrate with a beer. This acts as a two-fold reward: we are celebrating everything we have accomplished since Monday and YAY FRIDAY! Small rewards can boost morale and give staff something to look forward to.


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