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We’ve sniffed out another real treat!

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Word in the park is there’s a new gadget out that’s getting dogs and humans alike pretty excited. Now I’ve had a deeper dig to find out more about this latest craze and it looks like the Pintofeed could be the future of feeding time!

The Pintofeed is a device that allows you to supply us with food even if you’re out of the house, simply via your smartphone. You can set up automatic scheduled meal times and you will be notified every time we’ve been fed, either through a text, email, Facebook or Twitter message.


This gadget is perfect for every breed, from the tiniest Chihuahua to the biggest Saint Bernard, as the mechanism has a large capacity and can dispense food of all sizes.

Plus, if you’re really into the science of snack time, you can even make sure we’re eating the right amount, as the app allows you to monitor our daily intake compared to the national average.

Now this isn’t an excuse for you to go and leave your best friend alone all day everyday, but we fully understand if you do have the odd special day planned, and the Pintofeed means you don’t have to worry about us getting hungry while you’re out! The food compartments are designed specifically to keep the food fresh and it works 24/7, so you’ve really got nothing to worry about – just make sure you come home in time for playtime, please.

Personally, I’m in the office most of the time, but if I wasn’t so lucky and my owner was out of the house a lot I know for a fact I’d give a leg and a leg for one of these!

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