My First Year As A Pup

Dan the man

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Aaaaaaand it’s gone. It seems like just a few clicks ago that I was writing a quick blog post to introduce myself as the newest member of the pack. Hundreds of thousands of words, 25 UD blogs, just a handful of hung-over mornings and 40 weeks later, I’ve finished my internship at Upperdog.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my stint as marketing executive. I’ve been given responsibility but most of all trust, and as a result, my time in this beehive of an office has been much more than I’d hoped for. It’s been challenging, rewarding and enhancing, both personally and professionally. I have no doubt I’ll go into my final year at university that little bit sharper and honed in on what it means to be committed – though I’m not promising I’ll maintain the early mornings as I dust off some student textbooks.

The best parts? The office environment, strengthening the social channels, the tests, the ticked boxes, the learning curves, the clients and the beer Fridays.

I can’t thank Zhara and the team enough for the opportunity – but they’re not quite rid of me yet. I’ll still be floating around the peripherals of this fine marketing company, dabbling in content, bits and pieces. In the mean time, we’ve called up a fresh recruit…

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