The New Moz Link Explorer- What You Need to Know

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We all know the importance of quality link juice. You can add SEO value to your website by ensuring pages have a good number of external links to them, to raise your domain authority score. Moz Opensite Explorer has long been a trusty tool for many digital agencies. It clearly displays a website’s domain authority, page authority and the number of links it has. But they have recently made some changes. Let our technical SEO wizards give you the low-down on the best new updates from Moz:


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Moz now includes historical data

The old tool didn’t show us what links had been discovered and which had been lost. But now it does! We can now see Discovered and Lost Linking Domains to easily track our link building efforts and show our clients how our digital marketing services have improved their SEO.

If you take your link building seriously (and every SEO company should!), you need a tool that helps. The new Moz Link Explorer allows you to build link lists and link tracking lists to easily manage link goals. Simply add the URLs you want to link from and the tracker will let you know when and which pages of your site is linked to the target URL. Handy!

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Moz is now faster & more accurate:

A common issue with the previous link building tool was that the index was pretty limited. It would also take about a month to recognise any new links that had been built. But the new, shiny Link Explorer index has increased 20x its original size! Ahrefs has 3 trillion URLs in their index. Moz now has 4.7 trillion (that’s a lot of URLS!). It now updates every 24 hours to keep you up-to-date daily and all SERP data is refreshed every 2 weeks.

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