Milos Corner: How to Survive Howloween and Bonfire Night


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Hello there! Milo Woods reporting for blogging duty. I have been advised that there are some of my canine compatriots who need some guidance on how to deal with the upcoming night-time celebrations, namely Howloween and Guy Barkes Bonfire Night. So listen up, get your paw-pad and pen out and take note:

We’re not scaredy cats, we just don’t like fireworks

Make sure your human knows you aren’t fond of loud noises. Get them to put you in a safe room with the TV or radio on. If your human isn’t so apt at telling when you’re stressed (was the panting and eyes-popping out my head not enough?) then whine through Eastenders until you get popped in the “now for some time out Max” room. Ah, bliss.

We’re always open to the possibility of a new toy, or chew

We can’t blame humans for their ridiculous rituals involving vegetables and fire, but we can make the most of it. Play on that guilt and stare longingly into their eyes to get a shiny new plaything or juicy chew. Beef flavoured you say? My favourite!

When we wear a costume, we still like to move and see what’s happening

If your human is insistent that you would look “oh so cute” in those bat wings, make sure they’re not too tight or that those delightful costumes don’t go over your eyes. And, if you kick up a bit of a fuss whilst you’re being ‘dressed’ you’ll probably score a few treats to calm you down. Win.

We know where to be at a party

Spot the person with the fullest plate and go say hi. Everybody likes making new friends especially those that share food. Ears back, chin up and paw hanging mid-air is a pretty much fail-safe move.

Chocolate is the devil

Although it’s the cardinal weakness of many humans, that stuff is deadly to us, so get your human to make or buy you some special doggy treats. I’m especially fond of peanut butter, in case you wanted to know…mmm. Had a peanut butter cake for my birthday last year…mmm…anyway…

Careful around the pumpkins

We’re known not to be the most co-ordinated of species, (supposedly unless you’re a Collie – “oh Baxter you’re so intelligent”, well listen to this; that’s not what Molly said down the park last week…) so if there’s a pumpkin nearby, get your human to put fake candles in it. No-one wants a sparkler for a tail.

IDs, please!

Keep your collar on at all times just in case something happens. Sometimes the fireworks get the better of us and we run off attempting to follow them in to the night time sky. Microchips and collar tags are great at reuniting us with our humans. Ah, technology.

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