Is Your Brand Ready for VR Adverts?

VR ads are popular, but should they be part of your PPC strategy?

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VR Advertising

VR is a hot topic in the digital marketing world. According to Google, global search interest in VR has quadrupled in the past year. You will have in no doubt seen brands such as Virgin, Honda and more showcasing their products on services in virtual reality. But is it worth the effort? Read on to discover if your brand is ready to take the leap into VR advertising.

What is the difference between VR vs 360°?

VR and 360° are becoming synonymous terms. Sorry to be ‘that guy’, but we should point out that VR and 360° are not the same thing. VR (‘virtual reality’) is more of a computer-generated view, created from scratch. For example, PlayStation has created many virtual reality games. 360° is a photo or video shot to see a complete 360° view around a focal point.

Creating a full VR experience to showcase a product may be expensive and time-consuming. However, a 360° is a relatively simple way to show your brand in a whole new light.

VR ads on YouTube

If you are considering creating either VR vs 360° ads as part of your pay per click advertising, YouTube is the best place to start. Although a VR headset is still in the ‘early adopter’ stage of the innovation adoption cycle, anyone can view VR ads on their smartphone with a Google cardboard viewer.

YouTube currently boasts the largest library of VR content as every video can be viewed in VR. Etihad Airways recently had great success with their VR campaign on YouTube, with 17% YOY growth and 8% growth in revenue.


Are VR or 360° ads worth it?

Google have claimed although 360° ads don’t perform better than traditional ad viewer metrics, though they did have a higher click through rate and were more likely to watch the full video. This suggests that 360° video ads might be ideal for targeting a relevant, highly engagement target audience.

VR ads still have a way to go

Its still early days for VR advertising. A main concern for brands is that VR and 360° content cannot be quite as easily repurposed as other content. However, Facebook is trialing 360° ads for their top clients and this may be available as a standard social media advertising option soon.
Also, are VR ads too invasive? There is something disconcerting about an ad that forces you to watch, without even being able to look in another direction. But for brands that want to strike a chord and differentiate themselves from competitors, VR and 360° ads can be a great way to try something new and stand out from the crowd.

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