How to Influence Google Autocomplete

Help users find you more easily and quickly

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Google Autocomplete comes in to action when a user types in a search query and Google, using its Autocomplete algorithm, suggests other keywords that could be related to what the user is looking for (see picture below). This process enables users to find what they are searching for faster, helps those with search terms that are hard to spell, and helps finds the desired result the first time.

autocomplete-upperdogAccording to Search Engine Land, the Autocomplete algorithm appears to be influenced by three key areas:

  1. Search volume of a keyword (how many times a specific keyword/phrase is searched for) and the location of the searcher
  2. How many times the keyword is mentioned on the web (must be crawlable by Google’s spider)
  3. How many times the keyword is mentioned on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google+

If you can achieve these three factors in good quantities for the keywords you want to be searched for, it is possible to influence Google Autocomplete.

How to incorporate Google Autocomplete into a SEO strategy

Incorporate these points into your SEO strategy before others influence the keywords that become associated with your brand name. For example, news articles and reviews from Yelp, Facebook and other valued sites are likely to be considered – and companies have found that a negative review can change a suggested search to ‘Company X Layoffs’. Local businesses also need to consider how autocomplete suggestions will change depending on the searchers location.

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