How To Create A Killer Social Content Calendar

Master the art of planning, managing and scheduling social posts so your audience stop scrolling!

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Want to know how to write scroll-stopping social media content? Whether it’s for your clients or own brand, having an effective social media strategy is key to building relationships with like-minded people, driving traffic to your website and giving people a flavour of what you’re about.

As a digital marketing agency in Bournemouth, we love to engage in the latest SEO and PPC updates – whilst sharing some of the fun things we’ve been up to! Here are some of our top tips for creating a killer social content calendar to help you stay on top of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and beyond.


Create a template

A good template is the backbone of any social media plan and is key to staying organised. It is a complete breakdown of the calendar month, allowing you to plan in posts for each social network all in one place. A calendar can be extremely detailed or relatively simple, depending on what works best and the details you wish to include.

If you need a helping hand to get started, we’ve created an example social media calendar template to use or simply take a little inspiration from. Feel free to take things away or add to it!

Generate content themes

Setting up a social content calendar can be overwhelming at first. If you’re wondering where to start, try breaking down content ideas into a few key themes. These could be anything from industry updates, new product releases or fun snippets from day-to-day company life. There are also lots of national calendar days, which are a bit of fun and a great way of generating conversation. #NationalCupcakeDay? A good excuse to buy cupcakes for your team and snap a photo! (It’s great for company morale too).

Do your research!

Once you have an idea on the types of content you want to focus on, it’s time to do some research! Not only will useful resources online make great social posts, it’s a great way to improve your industry knowledge too. As a digital marketing agency, we read the latest SEO, PPC and social articles and share any interesting findings with our audience. You could even share some pointers from an industry conference or event you attended, just like we did with our Round Up of SearchLove 2019. Trending topics are also fun to engage with. Have a think – what would catch your eye whilst scrolling?

Think about your posting schedule

Before writing social media copy, think about how often you want to post, when to post and whether you want to be especially active on certain platforms. Experiment with various times of day and see if certain types of content work best on different platforms.

Don’t forget, quality is always best over quantity. Don’t feel pressured to post for the sake of it; post content that is thought to be of value to your audience. Sometimes it’s a good idea to leave a bit of ad-hoc space free, in case any ideas spring to mind or something interesting happens that you want to share.

It’s also important to think about how you will plan and schedule your content. Will you write posts and schedule them across the month in bulk? Or will you do this on a weekly or bi-weekly basis? Scheduling tools such as Hootsuite are handy and a huge time saver. Sit back, relax and let posts roll out automatically.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun with it! Have a play around, find your style and see what works best for you.

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