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How to appear in featured snippets

Ellie Head of Marketing & Digital Strategist
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The two “keywords” of the most recent BrightonSEO: featured snippets. There were a few digital marketing speakers who professed to knowing the secrets to the elusive ‘position zero’ ranking, so our ears were pricked!

We’ve compiled the best advice we gathered on how to get featured snippets, or how to get a Google answer box, as they are also known.

Position 0 is not always there; hence why it’s not called position 1. Position 0 shows a result that consists of around 4 lines of text in a box, and often appears when a question is asked and Google can find a concise, well optimised answer.


So, how can you get featured snippets in search?

Structure content for the user, not for keywords. Imagine that you are looking for the answer to a question; how do you like the answer to appear? We want the answer quickly, and that’s why Google added featured snippets.

Follow the structure below to help Google read your blog to pull content for featured snippets:

  1. Question
  2. Answer
  3. Examples
  4. Your comment

Utilise lists, and make sure these are exhaustive so that Google prompts clicks to your website by adding “More items” to the end of the featured snippet. Graphs are able to be pulled through, as well as tables, so present information this way if it makes it clearer.

Don’t forget traditional SEO methods. Use header tags and ensure all images have alt text. For both Google and the user, try to keep your paragraphs between 40 and 55 words long.

What type of content should you write to get a featured snippet?

Look for problems and answer these with a solution. Izzi Smith recommended utilising Answer The Public and using their “prepositions” and “comparisons” tabs as these provide phrases you can target.

  • Popular search phrases include comparison words, so use “best” and “worst”, and answer the question using the blog structure detailed above.
  • Target these three types of search intent: informational, navigation and transactional.
  • Create landing pages if there is a high search volume and enough content to justify the new page.

Why should you do all of this optimisation? What are the benefits of featured snippets?

Only 34% of searches result in clicks. This means that more users are getting the information they are looking for within Google’s answer box and Knowledge Graph and haven’t had to click through to a site – you win, Google!

It’s recommended that companies try to structure (or re-structure) content so that they appear in the featured snippet in search results. Positioning here increases brand awareness, with the potential for higher traffic and increased conversions.

Another added benefit of optimising for Google featured snippets is that you’re also optimising for voice search at the same time, as the first result is often used.

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