Word Count vs Content Value: How Long Should A Blog Post Be for SEO?

Is there such thing as the best word count for SEO? Find out here.

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SEO word count is a hot topic within the digital industry. With Google’s algorithm ever-changing, we are always adapting to crack the secret recipe for page one success. There is a constant debate around how much weight word count holds as a ranking factor, as opposed to user value, detail and overall purpose of the content. So, is there really an optimal word count for SEO?

How Long Should A Blog Post Be In 2020?

In short, the longer your blog post or article, the more authoritative Google will perceive your website. Answering a user’s search query comprehensively should determine the length of your blog post.

But, is there really such thing as ‘the best word count for SEO’? Perhaps not. It seems that whilst the length of your content is a contributing factor to improving your rankings, it is not the be all or end all to getting your blog post in position one (or even a featured snippet). There are other important elements that work together alongside your SEO word count to give you the nod from Google.

Users vs Google: Getting the Right Balance

Your word count should play an important part in your overall SEO content strategy, however you should consider how your content will benefit both Google and your target audience (aka a real human!)

The best practices for SEO content writing should include a balanced mix of pleasing Google, whilst giving users what they want.

Your SEO word count should be determined by how much copy you feel is necessary to help, guide or inform a user about a specific topic. A user should read your content and feel a sense of satisfaction that they have achieved what was intended when making their initial search query.

Saying this, the best word count for SEO is simply to write as many words required to effectively unpack the topic at hand. In-depth and more complex topics require a longer word count, whereas a simpler, more direct topic might require a shorter word count.

If the copy is well written, easy to digest and perceived as helpful to users in answering their search query, Google will perceive your content as valuable and therefore boost your rankings.

Can A Blog Post Be Too Long?

A blog post or piece of content can definitely be too long. If you are writing content with a core aim of hitting a certain word count, it’s likely that your content will not be as helpful to the user. Every word must have a valuable, end purpose. Plus, making your copy too long could force you to bring in too many other concepts to bulk out the content. This can skew Google’s idea of what the copy is about because your keyword strategy becomes too broad.

Instead, you should tailor your SEO word count to the purpose of the copy. For example, is it informational or transactional? This will help you to determine your tone of voice and style of writing, which could in turn further your ranking abilities.

A Final Round Up: How Important Is SEO Word Count?

The next time you wonder, ‘what is the best word count for SEO?’, remember there is no exact word limit that will solely determine your ability to rank. A longer word count is more beneficial in some instances where it is required to discuss the topic in full detail. But this doesn’t mean a long SEO word count always wins.

Your SEO content strategy should be based around fulfilling the needs of a user and answering their query, rather than getting a certain amount of words on a page. Focus on driving converting traffic to your website and providing high quality content to your audience.

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