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Google My Business Gets More Updates

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Google My Business and Google Maps are some of the best tools for local businesses. When users search for a keyword such as ‘restaurant Bournemouth’ or ‘restaurant near me’, Google generates a Google My Business listing that shows in search results and Google Maps, driving physical foot traffic to your business. Find out about some of the new features introduced recently:

New features added to Google My Business listings

Google My Business rolled out new listing features for certain types of businesses. Restaurants can now:

  • Provide a link to their menu page*
  • Add special opening hours
  • Set a preferred photo
  • Add labels (this enables businesses with multiple listings to organise locations into groups)
  • Add an AdWords location extensions phone number (for businesses with AdWords location extension ads, who want to show a different phone number).

*It seems that google tends to indicate the homepage URL as a link to a menu. To encourage Google to find your menu page, we suggest adding Schema markup.

Activity centres, such as the New Forest Water Park’s Google listing, shows an option to plan your visit, indicating popular times and how long people will typically spend there. Retail stores such as IKEA also have the option to search inventory.

It seems that some of these features are only available via Safari on a smart phone or in certain countries, signifying that Google is still in a testing phase.



You can now verify local listings via email

Verify a business via email, phone and by mail as seen by a screenshot shared by Kiran C Kumar on Twitter. Visit our blog post to find out how to get a Google My Business verified for a step by step guide.


Multiple business listing management streamlined in a graph


Brands with thousands of locations are now able to view an easy-to-interpret graph that highlights issues. To create listings for multiple locations, Google requires a bulk spreadsheet upload with information such as address, photos, store code and categories. Once the spreadsheet is imported, a preview is generated to highlight mistakes or issues.

This enables digital marketing agencies like ourselves to report on how listings are affecting a client’s search visibility and Google Map results.

Google Maps crowdsourcing feature allows customers to add or update a listing


If your business isn’t already on Google +, users can now ‘add a missing place’ or suggest edits to existing listings. If other users conduct the same action, Google can approve it and add the listing. Android users are also able to describe your business with more details, for example, what type of food a restaurant offers, dining options and more.

Google My Business Experts

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